Salon Plush

Cameo (Breanna) Metzger


Quotes I feel great! We began with an idea and a photo. Then about the natural behavior of my curls. Voila! Cameo broght pics up on screen to give me her idea - went for it. She was recommend from a friend who trusts her to the scissors and razor cuts. Imm going to prove it with a before/after. thank you for the awesome style Just what I was looking for :-))" Quotes
Colleen D

Quotes Cameo was very good at conversing and didn't make me feel weird about taking or any of the silent parts of the experience. She asked several questions about what I was hoping for her to do and was very quick to find a photo to show what she thought I was saying. She took the whole thing very seriously and I am hoping to see her regularly from here on out." Quotes
Amy L